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Garage Door

Bradbury offers total solutions to your sectional garage door manufacturing needs. Individual door skins to fully assembled and packaged door sections can be provided with texture embossing. Cavity embossments in Standard, Ranch, and Carriage House styles are available selections, along with conventional tongue and groove or pinch-resistant profiles. Our machines produce door sections from 460mm to 810mm in height and in a full range of door widths at rates up to 35MPM. Fully automated setup and production downloads from your in-house scheduling system are just a couple of the many options available to meet your specific requirements.

Increase control, precision, and productivity on your garage door production line by integrating Bradbury's custom-designed Stile Hole Mid Punch and 400-ton HD Cavity™ Press into your existing operation. Our solution includes:

lSectional Rollforming Door Lines

lSlat Rollforming Lines

lStrut Rollforming Lines

lTrack Rollforming Lines

lStile Rollforming Lines

lAngle Rollforming lines

lBottom Bar Rollforming Lines

lStile Hole Mid Punch 

lHD Cavity™ Press 

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Standing Seam Line