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Grain Bins & Grain Storage

For 40 years, Bradbury has manufactured a premier line of fast, reliable and accurate roll forming machines and related equipment that form all major grain bin components. Destacking, stacking, and curving equipment make our grain bin lines highly adaptable and productive. State-of-the-art Allen-Bradley controls, optional download, and remote system access complete these packages.

The complete package includes:

a)Sidewall Rollforming Lines

b)Roofing Rollforming Lines

c)Floor Rollforming Lines

d)Ladder Rail & Rung Rollforming Lines

e)Stiffener Rollforming Lines

  • Stiffener_1
  • Stiffener_2
  • Flooring_1
  • Flooring_2
  • Flooring_3
  • RF
  • Side_1
  • Side_2
  • Side_3
  • Side_4
  • Side_5
  • Side_6
  • Side_7

Standing Seam Line