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Steel Framing House


BMS provides a complete solution for the Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Installation of Light gauge steel framing for Residential and Commercial construction.


Consider  some of the features and benefits of a Hayes Steel Framing System      

-A total solution  for the Design, Manufacture and assembly of light gauge steel Wall Panels, Roof  Trusses and Floor members.

-A cost  effective “Turn-Key” framing system comparable to other high capital framing  systems in, design, functionality, independence, production and  quality.

-No ongoing licensing fees or other commitments to  ancillary products.

-Custom designed to suit any market or  specification.

-Full onsite training and Support.

-Quality rollformers for long and consistent  manufacturing cycles.

-Any Hayes Steel  Framing System can be modified or upgraded without high capital costs to match  business growth and expansion.

-All within the Worldwide support network of the Bradbury Group.  

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