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Sandwich Panel

Bradbury designs, manufactures, realizes and installs plants and systems for the production of polyurethane sandwich panels with external facings, both rigid and flexible, of different extraction.

We are one of the worldwide most important realities in the production of plants and equipments for the production of expanded and rigid polyurethane and rock wool items.

We differ from all other competitors since all of our equipments and machinery which compose one production plant have been internally designed and manufactured at Bradbury, assuring a very rapid and efficient after-sale assistance service.

The degree of experience reached and the know-how with specific experience in the production of sandwich panels allow the technical staff to be at disposal of the final customer for any tailor-made production solution.

  • Forming Unit
  • Decoiler
  • Band Cutting
  • Disc Cutting_2
  • Cutting System_2
  • Cutting System_1
  • Disconinuous Line_2
  • Disconinuous Line_1
  • Double Belt
  • Duplex RF_3
  • Duplex RF_2
  • Duplex RF

Standing Seam Line