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Trim Shops

Trim equipment offered by Bradbury includes Folders, Slit/CTL Recoil lines, Slit/CTL lines, Portable Hemmers, Coil Tippers, Coil Cars, and Stand Alone Sheet Slitters.

Bradbury has supplied Multi-Profile Trim Rollformers to the metal building industry for more than 50 years. Whether you require residential or commercial ridge caps, low or high rib corners, sculptured rakes, or J or jamb trim, Bradbury multi-profile trim roll formers give you profile flexibility while they save floorspace. Bradbury trim tooling sets can be designed to accommodate both hard and soft coils to limit inventory levels and maximize buying power. This creative solution lets you gain legendary Bradbury reliability and productivity as well as manufacturing flexibility, plant space, and potential savings on materials.

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