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Custom Rollforming

Besides rollformers, we can also supply you the roll formed products. The Bradbury rollforming equipment that we design, manufacture and use is well known for its reliability, accuracy, and money-saving productivity. Our combined know-how and our modern, ruggedly-built Bradbury equipments extend our capabilities and enable us to apply a wealth of experience and cost-cutting production techniques to your project.

Production of consistently accurate roll formed parts begins with expert engineering and design assistance. All our tooling is designed in-house, using the latest CAD technology, and manufactured to our exacting specifications by skilled craftsmen. Our engineering team will review your requirements and develop a production schedule that meets your needs. Through timely planning, we can optimize production methods and eliminate false starts to save your time and money.

 Bradbury Machiney (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has the equipment and commitment to complete your next rollforming project on time and on budget. We would appreciate the opportunity to review your requirements and provide a quote and delivery schedule for your consideration.

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