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Folder & CTL

BMS Folders are of steel fabricated construction with accurately machined working surfaces, featuring a full length backbone chassis to eliminate flexing. 

Single point gauge adjustment. 

Clamping and folding functions are hydraulically operated.

Available in 21''/ 6.5m 26''/ 8.0m 33''/ 10m lengths, with either 16g, 14g capacity (MW series) or 11g capacity (HW series). Other sizes available upon request.

·System - PLC (programmable logic controller) with apron control by rotary encoder.

·Console - Operator workstation mounted on swivelling arm, complete with all manual and automatic functions.

·Angle programming - 0 to 125 degrees in 1 degree increments.

·6 programmable push buttons.

·Control - Features both manual joystick fold angle control and preselectable fold angle push button control for use with "standard" or repetitive angles.

·Emergency Stop - Full length foot pedal.

·Single point adjustment for accurate and rapid gauge and radius setting.

CTL can be selected to work with the Folder, to serve as a Trim center.

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